My Favorite Taylor Swift Eras

The Start

Growing up as the youngest of 4 kids, I was forced to listen to what the older kids were listening to. Both of my parents are very passionate about music and because of that, we had music on in our house all the time. We had a speaker in our kitchen that would have music on all day every day. From Bruce Springsteen to Shania Twain and everything in between, we covered all genres of music. As my two older sisters got to the age where they started figuring out their own music that they enjoyed, Taylor Swift was on quite often. Falling in love with her debut album and then listening to everything after, Taylor Swift became a staple in our household.

The Eras

Taylor Swift has 10 eras, 11 starting tonight (wahoooooo), and they are all so different and so good. With The Tourted Poets Department coming out tonight with the stories of what she went through after her breakup with Joe Alwin, a new Era will be unlocked and I’m sure loved by me and so many others.

Debut Album

The Debut album is for sure one of my favorites. With the songs “Teardrops On My Guitar, Should’ve Said No, Picture to Burn, Our Song, and Tim Mcgraw” it’s so hard not to love the album. It’s full of originals. My favorite song on the album isn’t as popular but it’s called “Invisible,” and I love it. Knowing most of her songs are about things she has actually felt and been through makes the songs so much better and also very relatable. Talking about first loves, heartbreak, feeling like you don’t belong, getting bullied, and being happy, she goes through all the emotions in her music. I love the variety. All in one album she can talk about feeling invisible and sad to talking about how her ex is “just another picture to burn”.


Fearless is another one of my favorite albums. The song “Fearless” might be one of my favorite songs by her. On top of that, the album has “Hey Stephen, Fifteen, Love Story, You Belong with Me, and You’re Not Sorry.” All of these songs are relatable to young adults. “Hey Stephen” isn’t a very popular song by her, but personally, it’s one of my favorites.

The Tour

With her touring all of her eras currently, Taylor Swift is selling out football size stadiums all over the world.


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