Day In My Life During Spring Soccer Season

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

While every day will look slightly different during the spring soccer season here at Drake, for the most part, our schedule is pretty consistent on a day-to-day basis. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday look one way, while Tuesday and Thursday are different. On Monday and Wednesday, I begin my day by waking up at 8:30 am to prepare for my day. I’ll eat breakfast then head to Economics. On Mondays, Econ is my only class, while on Wednesdays I have psychology lab right after. Once I finish my classes, I head to The Fieldhouse. On Wednesdays, I will run upstairs for a quick academic meeting before lift. We always lift before we train. In the weight room, our strength coach, Ryan, will lead us through a soccer-specific lift to help us build strength and prevent injuries. After the lift, we have a quick break before heading out to Mediacom for training. Practice is usually about 2 hours, sometimes more in the spring since we don’t have as many games. After training we will stretch and do some recovery as a team. My spring was a little different due to an injury, so I often woke up extra early before class to go do my physical therapy, otherwise, I’d go after lift and practice. By the time practice is over it’s usually 5:30ish. I normally go to Hubbel for a quick bite, then to study hall. Athletes are required to do a certain amount of study hall hours. On Fridays, our lift and practice are the same, I just have multimedia lab beforehand, rather than econ and psych lab. If I ever look like I’m in a rush to get out of my Friday class, I am because I’m trying to get to The Fieldhouse early enough to do my PT before lift and practice.

Tuesday and Thursday

Tuesdays and Thursdays look a bit different than the other three days. While we only have practice, and no lift, Tuesdays and Thursdays are still difficult because practice is at 7:30 am. I normally wake up at 6:10 to get ready and get some food in my body before training. I then walk over to the locker room with the teammates I live with and quickly get ready for training. We’ll train for about 2 hours, do our cool down and stretch, and then we’re done for the day. With my injury, I’d go straight in for PT and knock it out before my first class of the day. After that, I’d go to my Web Content class and then straight to Psych. Days we got out of Web Content early were the best because then I’d have time to eat before my next class, which was always nice. After my two classes, I finally relax and get my homework done. I normally go knock out some study hall hours then go to bed.

Which is Better

Personally, I prefer the early morning practices. While it is hard to focus in class afterward sometimes because I was so tired, I was also done with my day so early and could squeeze in a nap if needed.


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