My Summer Plans


I am going home to Madison, WI for the summer. My two oldest siblings live on their own in different states and my brother is staying in Des Moines for the summer so it’ll just be me and my parents. I love going on adventures with my mom so we will definitely be doing things together this summer. Whether it’s going to the farmers market downtown, or going to Devils Lake to hike, my mom and I will spend as much time outside as we can. My dad and I share a common love for soccer, so we will spend time watching games together or going to get extra touches in together. We love driving places together just so we can blast music and sing in the car together. I’m excited to get a couple of months with them before returning to Des Moines at the end of July.


I will be visiting a few different places this summer but nowhere too crazy. I’ll be spending some time in Colorado visiting my best friend who lives there. We’re going to the Noah Kahan concert together which I am very excited about. She will show me all around while I’m there too. We will go hiking while I’m there and also drive into Denver to explore the city too. I’ll also be visiting Kansas this summer. My sister and her husband live there and I haven’t seen their new house yet. My best friend that I met when I was 8 also lives there so I’ll spend a ton of my time with her. She’s also making a trip up to Madison so I should get to see her a decent amount this summer. Lastly, I’m planning on going to Minnesota to visit my other sister and host family. I lived with a host family for five months and I love them, they’re literally my second family so I can’t wait to see them.


Last summer I had an internship that took over my entire summer. I barely got to do anything, so I decided to get a serving job this summer. With this job, I’ll make money but still have time to go to the lake, hang out with friends, and enjoy my summer.


I’ll be training with a team this summer to stay in shape for the upcoming Fall season. I plan on spending a lot of my summer training and working out to come into the fall season in the best shape.


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