Meet My Friends at Drake

Coming in as a soccer player, I already have a built-in family of 25 girls. I am close with basically all of them, but hang out with some more than others.


Some of my closest friends on the team are Eve and Kendra. Eve is from England and also transferred here this spring so it was easy to quickly bond because we were both going through a new beginning together. Eve and I share a passion for how much we love soccer so our hangouts typically consist of going to the field to get extra touches in. She always challenges me on the field and tries to bring out my best. Off the field, we’ll grab Chipotle and cookies.


Kendra is another teammate I’ve gotten close with and ironically, she’s also a transfer that came in this Spring. She and I love grabbing Olive Garden together, always getting unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks. We also always somehow end up at Cinnaholic, a cinnamon roll place downtown. It’s to die for.

Outside of Soccer

Outside of soccer, I’ve also formed some friendships. With being new, I’ve been trying my best to branch out and meet new people. I’ve met a lot of other athletes through people and have gotten closer to women’s volleyball players and men’s soccer players.

Sand Volleyball

Sand Volleyball is one activity that has brought me a lot closer to men’s soccer and women’s volleyball. Now that the weather is nice we try to play a few times a week on the court outside of GK. After volleyball, we’ll often grab food or ice cream together and just make a night out of it. Nights like that have honestly been the highlight of my time here at Drake so far.


I just recently met Gabbie, but we clicked so fast and she’s now one of my closest friends here at Drake. We are so similar, it’s scary. When we hang out it’s normally just messing around and laughing for no reason. We study together, play volleyball, run errands, and anything else. She’s on the Women’s Volleyball team and is one of the girls who always comes to play sand volleyball.


JP is my brother but I’m including him on here because he’s also my best friend. Going to college together is something neither of us ever expected, but I’m so happy it worked out this way. I see him almost every day but we still have our separate lives here which is necessary. He’s on the Men’s Soccer team which has made it easy for me to get close to those guys. They’re all like brothers to me now and I’m so thankful. JP and I will grab dinner or lunch occasionally which is so nice.


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